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Now I don't have to have that "Pronunciation audio" field for my notes; neither do I have to find audio clips for words, nor do I have to record my own audio for sentences. Eagerly waiting for the auto-split-long-sentences fix. :) Edit: Having the Pronunciation audio field is in infact beneficial. I did used in several decks with different laguages and all worked smoothly. Moreover, it would be useful to have a shortcut for quick generation of sounds in the editor by using two user-defined source and destination fields. REALLY AWESOME but one question about the 100 characters google restriction First of all I really want to thank you for making this add on. But also I study law, so I study my law definitions with anki. Since my definitions are in German i couldnt use the other options of awesometts other than google, because they gave me an english pronounciation of the definitions. Unfortunately I dont know anything about programming.

Adding audio to a normal field will cause it to play multiple times if it is on both sides of the card. But I've seen there is no obvious way to doi it with cloze deletion type note. I helps me so much, i m really happy especially about the add mass mp3 function trough browsing!!! I thaught it would be awesome to also get a audio feedback of this definitions. So I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to change this in the next update?

If you wish to do that for the time being, you'd simply have to edit the Tiny SQL database in the extension directory.

The audio on there is by real people, no computer generated.I used this for over 10 000 Japanese Pronouns using the built-in OSX Speech (Kyoko) and it worked like a charm. I've used it to study Japanese for 7 years and counting and nothing comes close to this level of awesomeness. Originally I was going to record mp3s and insert them painstakingly into each card which would have taken a lot of time. my horn in the page is gone I think the previous version is really perfect. So this add-on is still very great and very helpful. Integration is flawless I just discovered this add-on last night. I mean add "both sides" to destination field cause sometimes pronouncing a word two times is desired. This add-on is a complete game changer, I literally cannot imagine using Anki without it.It's quick, customization, and gives you a variety of sources to choose from. Fortunately, this add-on allows you to easily select text from your card, choose a voice to interpret it into speech, and insert the audio file directly into the card without having to leave Anki at all. however, when updating this new one, I find the horn in the review card is vanished. I initially assumed I would have to go back and remake a new deck or card type to use this, but alas, it's as simple as just adding an HTML tag to the template. It does the job perfectly, not to mention new services are added constantly.I m sorry if i make any impolite request I dont know much about programming.But i would appreciate the change very very much, since I study very hard for my exam with anki. This app is probably the best plugin I've ever used in Anki, ranked alongside Japanese and Chinese support plugins.

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Thank god it didn't work, so I came accross this... With some tweaks in notepad and excel, I used Anki's Tools Check media feature to narrow down the searches in the browser to only those without mapped audio and I used this plugin's mass-generation feature.