Ver pelicula inmaduros online dating

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Ver pelicula inmaduros online dating

Hace veinte años que Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio y Francesca fueron compañeros de colegio y también amigos.

Seis amigos del instituto que se acercan a la cuarentena y que tienen que asumir que ya se encuentran lejos de sus días de esplendor.

Sin embargo, todo cambiará cuando un tribunal de por nulo el examen que hicieron para entrar en la universidad...

por lo que tendrán que repetirlo si quieren que sus carreras sean válidas.

It all depends on the way the subject is dealt with.

And in this case, happily, not only is does the script live up to expectations but the film as a whole proves a winner in all categories.

Sure, "Immaturi" does not quite keep up with the two movies mentioned, but it constitutes an exciting renewal of the genre with dialogues, characters and situations in keeping with Italy (and by extension, the western world) as it is today.

First things first, the starting point is really amusing.

Naturally a good premise does not necessarily mean a good film.

With the initial shock now past, they grasp the opportunity to meet again, to share laughters and to cram together like they used to.

On the other hand, they are not the same persons they were two decades before...

See full summary » 6th January 1975, in an infant nursery in Palermo (Italy), for a mysterious reason, a male nurse exchanges the labels of baby number 7 and 8. See full summary » Overwhelmed by his wife, a Northern Italy postal worker feigns a disability to request a transfer to Milan and when he's unmasked is sent for two years to a far and tiny village near Naples...

See full summary » James meets John, a close friend of his, with whom he had quarreled three years ago and persuades him to go visit their third friend Aldo, who is dying in Sicily. See full summary » Twenty years ago, while they were 12th grade students, Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio and Francesca were a high-spirited band.

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Son Luisa (Barbora Bobulova, 'Manuale d'amore 2 (Corregido y aumentado)'), Francesca (Ambra Angiolini, 'No basta una vida'), Giorgo (Raoul Bova, 'Perdona si te llamo amor'), Lorenzo (Ricky Memphis), Piero (Luca Bizarri) y Virgilio (Paolo Kessisoglu).