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Updating grub menu lst

It's different for SUSE...: SUSE works differently in that the splash settings are built in.Boot options are typed directly at the menu screen - add splash=0 to disable the splash screen entirely.All your data is still there - you just need to reload the bootloader configuration into the disk's master boot record (MBR).

If it doesn't, you'll have to do it manually, which is a lot easier than it sounds. then run ..determine which partition holds the Grub files.

Knoppix, especially the DVD version, is a full Debian-based distro that happens to run from a CD/DVD, so anything mentioned here can be done with it.

For a more compact alternative, you could try System Rescue CD, also on this month's DVD.

Of course, Linux distros are not alone in this - a computer system is a huge, complex collection of interacting software and hardware, even more so when the basic install includes several gibibytes of extra software over and above the OS.

No matter how much we might like our chosen distro, there is no denying that things can go wrong, or that it might not even be right in the first place.

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