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On the other hand, it's a way of getting readers to look at the info, maybe get them to realize there are people out there like this and they all don't look like the obvious stereotypical pervert." What’s next in the In an attempt to catch attention (and yes, eyeballs and clicks), I thought of the ten hottest female sex offenders."Hottest" because it's a Web-headline staple for such listicles. And finally the men of magazine have determined the world’s sexiest woman: Penelope Cruz. So all the guys at on their computers in the office? But, disappointing or not, we can’t argue with science.

Singer Momina Mustehsan makes it to the list as an influential artist.

“This kind of thinking that female sex offenders are harmless seductresses rather than predators or perpetrators can set us back decades,” said Torie Camp, deputy director the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA).

According to TAASA, approximately 25,000 adults and 25,000 children are sexually assaulted in Texas every year. In a response to those who have been “riled up” by the article, list compiler Richard Connelly added the note: "I can understand how some people might react to this.

I can, however, show you this interesting photo series I did on mid-18th Century Eastern European pigeon masks?

Crown the wordy Russian lingerie model and be done with it.

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