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He intimidates me and it's only a matter of time before he catches on that I don't understand anything. The reason I ask this is that sitting and talking (while important) are only one part of what makes a relationship.

I think that he will get bored of me soon, so better to pull out now. So you should be having dates doing more than just talking.

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It's something I could talk to with my friends, but not during a date; especially early dates.

I think if OP is interested in the man, she should give him another try but attempt to steer conversation in what interests her.

Or schedule a third date that contains an and do something you both enjoy. We had the third date set up but I ended up canceling. "Welcome to the social gathering place for people who are interested in conversing, making friends, exchanging ideas, and dating people with an above average IQ." "to Science Connection, the meeting place for single science professionals and others with an interest in science or nature." The list goes on.

(the bond holders) However if you disagree with mass murder and theft, like most people do, then you can't opt out of paying taxes, because the IRS will raid your house with militarized police.

Also, physical dates (ie, go skating/biking/whatever) may be a good way to form bonds without accentuating the difference in interest.

At any rate, I DO think knowing SOME politics/economics is important as this will allow you to,at the very least, make more informed decisions in voting/support of campaigns.

If you aren't interested in those things, you might have incompatible interests. We had the third date set up but I ended up canceling.

Maybe he'd be good for a short-term thing, I don't know. I would have a hard time being with someone long-term where we didn't have much to talk about. He likes to discuss politics, taxes, US budget etc. I nod my head at the right moments and use filler phrases like "That's quite interesting". And what were you supposed to do on the third date?

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Folks with actual brains are capable of finding something discussion-worthy in just about any topic.