Eq2 timorous deep updating environment map

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Eq2 timorous deep updating environment map

eq2quest=443e4836d1f65ab012d68cd5c80ccfc1_Throm_Beads"Urg's location is not obvious - the path is hard to see. When you take the path you used earlier to kill the Throms in the water, there is a place you can go up instead of down (before you reach the water), then it turns back and winds around and you end up above the Throms.In north-east Mok Rent there is a path that will take me up to the Haoaera.If any time warrants such trickery or nudging of fate, I would guess that this day would qualify. the beastlord that follows the path I see before us this day may not return to this house unscathed... If you are the Khati Sha I seek, prove your worth in combat and return to me with the Copper Medal of War.You can get this medal from assisting the soldiers in the Grimling Forest.' Complete any one of the scouts' quests in Grimling Forest (Derrin's Raid for example) to get a Copper Medal of War.We will get this fixed in an upcoming hotfix, so be sure to stay tuned to the Update Notes section.Once this is fixed, all you will need to do is get a new portal from your door and re-place it. I just found a fix for this one and will push it out with an upcoming hotfix.I will not need anything more from you at this time. ' You say, 'The Khati Sha are disturbed about the spiritual realm' Elder Animist Dumul says 'Well, my prying little friend. Perhaps you were sent to us by the very ones we seek to help.We have a great deal of research to do and absolutely no time to complete said studies. Matters are bad enough without rumors floating about in the shadows. The spirits are capable of far more impressive manipulations.

In the meantime you can go to your group options and turn off the solo auto encounter locking for a “for now” fix until we can get the real fix on live.

If you ask the Historian what the spirits are disturbed about she doesn't have a complete answer but knows it has to do with the spiritual realm. ' Historian Sharar says 'They have been researching the lore of elder spirits and their relationship to this realm.

I really do not have much more information than that. If the Animist finds that he can trust you, perhaps you can learn more.

Primary Myli`din is concerned with our inability to reach Tulwun station and wants me to meet with a throm ambassador named Urg Drom, at the entrance to the cave in south-eastern Haoaera.

eq2quest=d2d65e028e03c9e4d5caf8c54c8cfb6c_The_Mountain_Throms" eq2quest=d2d65e028e03c9e4d5caf8c54c8cfb6c The Mountain Throms or You can also go the other way by where you got the quests to kill the birds and work your way up that way.

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Is that something that you would be interested in doing?