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Edelmann lernpsychologie online dating

Principles of situation research: Towards a better understanding of psychological situations. Schubert, T., Finke, K., Redel, P., Kluckow, S., Müller, H., & Strobach, T. Video game experience and its influence on visual attention parameters: An investigation with the framework of the Theory of isual Attention (TVA). Salminen, T., Frensch, P., Strobach, T., & Schubert, T.

A Two-Phase Pathogenetic Model of Depression after Stroke.

Shrouded in the Veil of Darkness: Machiavellians but not narcissists and psychopaths profit from darker weather in courtship. Strobach, T., Soutschek, A., Antonenko, D., Flöel, A., & Schubert, T. Modulation of executive control in dual tasks with transcranial direct current stimulation (t DCS).

Rubin (Eds.), Peer interactions, relationships, and groups (2nd ed.).

Mental principles underlying the categorization of crustaceans by biology experts and non-experts.

Personality-driven situation experience, contact, and construal: How people's personality traits predict characteristics of their situations in daily life.

* Ph D student/Post Doc author Heise, D., Mac Kinnon, N., & Scholl, W. Identities, roles, and social institutions: An affect control account of social order.

Emotional intelligence is used by dark personalities to emotionally manipulate others. The independent effects of personality and situations on real-time expressions of behavior and emotion. Reimer, C., Strobach, T., Frensch, P., & Schubert, T. Are processing limitations of visual attention and response selection subject to the same bottleneck in dual-tasks? Experience in action games and the effects on executive control. (in press) : Schema-bias in source monitoring varies with encoding conditions: Support for a probability-matching account. Modeling and predicting complex patterns of change using growth component models: An application to depression trajectories in cancer patients.

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I like doing it: Comparing a Frequency- and Valency-Approach to Extraversion.