Dating schrade old timer knife

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Dating schrade old timer knife

In 1906-07, Schrade patented the Safety Pushbutton Knives, an improved series of switchblade knives with side-mounted operating button and a sliding safety switch.

The illustrated Old Timer Knife is the Junior Stockman Old Timer Knife that features clip, pen and sheepfoot blades made of stainless steel.Schrade pursued his knifemaking interests at both Challenge and at Schrade, where his brother George now managed one of the company's factories. The Baers purchased Schrade Cutlery Company in 1946 from C.In the 1920s, Schrade bought the defunct Walden Cutlery Company in order to obtain their stocks of handle material for his knives. Louis Schrade and renamed it the Schrade Walden Cutlery Corporation, a division of the Imperial Knife Associated Companies group.In July 2016, Smith and Wesson Holding Corporation announced that its Battenfeld Technologies division was to purchase Taylor Brands.You might not have heard of the name Schrade, but chances are you have seen their products a number of times and never realized it.

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There Schrade developed a new type of switchblade knife, which he titled the Springer.

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