Dating immature men

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Dating immature men

You have to be aware that a guy with the maturity of a teenager might take a whimsical trip to the Rockies at any moment.

Getting into a screaming match only fuels his anger and encourages his tantrums.He knows that he's supposed to be nice, so he says that he is even if everyone around him knows it isn't true.In this case, pointing out that his rude comment makes him not a very nice person is a way to show him that he needs to fit the personality he thinks he has.If his mom knows more about your relationship than you do, he probably needs that connection to fuel his emotional immaturity. If his relationship with his mom is beyond the usual, tell him that you're worried he's too attached to her.Because he's emotionally immature, his reaction will probably be hostile and he will probably accuse you of being petty or jealous. You don't have to make him choose between you and his mom - you don't want to totally destroy his relationship with the woman. And if he refuses, well, maybe he and his mom should be in the long term relationship and you should find a boyfriend or husband who has a healthy, not weird, relationship with his mother.

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The biggest problem, though, is that he can't be serious.

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