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When we replaced all the doors in our house a couple of years ago, I used shellac to finish them.

Had my only TV influence in life been Norm, we'd of likely gone with some stupid spar varnish or other plastic finish.

Replacing the pieces, one by one, we found an inscription inside one of the arms that was most likely the original maker.

I couldn't make out the last name, but it was Fred something, Columbus Ohio, May 26, 1860.

The original seat springs, back springs, and padding are always reused unless it is requested that they be replaced with contemporary materials.

They showed us how easy it is to tack the material down in the center, stretch it across to the other side and tack it down and then work your way around the piece. Then, last weekend the little bride proclaimed that now is the time.

She bought black fabric similar to what may have been on it originally and we carried the sofa out to the garage and set it up on a table and proceeded to rip off all the old stripey fabric.(remember, clicky the picky to make them bigger...)Luckily everything came apart in a fairly straightforward way with no major surprises.

First established in Castle Cary in 1837, John Boyd Textiles is proud to maintain the tradition of horsehair weaving.

Horsehair fabrics are woven with the finest and best quality tail hair from live horses and cotton or silk warps using the original looms and techniques from 1870.

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