Dating a congolese man jogo dos 7 erros online dating

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Dating a congolese man

For some, the idea of dating an African man conjures up a lot of myths and fears like the image of the over-controlling man.

There’s good and bad aspects to any person out there but here to make light of the topic and just offer up some of the good stuff about dating an African man.

South african women I HAIL OOO Na wa for [email protected] Nadia, this has nothing to do with Nigerian men or Congolese men or South African women.

It was a case of foolish men fighting over foolish women... She wants us to believe that she is 19 and a south African.

it has nothing to do with the country of origin as you have put me in the same group as does crazy guys who happen to be Nigerians. Yet she is involved with this Nigerian dude in south Africa. I wonder what I've got to gain with all that nonsense u write ...

WHatever grand scheme you have up your sleeves to defraud nairalanders through impersonation and lies has been exposed today. Nadia sa is most likely a jobless weed smokinh nigerian in south africa scamming people and damaging the image of Nigeria. Yes I know a little pidgin nd igbo but that doesn't make me nigerian (thou I wouldn't mind being one cause they great people excluding u) .. gbokukueba: @ Nadia, this has nothing to do with Nigerian men or Congolese men or South African women.

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Chances are, you’ve already made an assumption about the nature of this post. This is not a post telling you to date an African man over an African-American man. It is about giving our motherland brothers a chance.

Since many African men need to survive on their own when they migrate out of their homelands, many of them know how to keep themselves fed.

They might have been spoiled by their moms growing up, but they sure paid close attention to her recipes growing up.

Ghanains, for example, generally go to London and the U.

S and Eritreans are concentrated in places like Sweden and Germany.

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Cause that's where most naija men chill and drink alomo nd smoke igbo hehe Oh well street fight went on lol I didn't know we had soo many Congolese in SA ,thank God police came right in time before some1 loses his life..